Monday, 2 September 2013

IMYAMVD - Chapter 2 a little extra treat

Everyday Peter learned more about how to suck and please Mr.Stern.  Fanciellah had now taught her to massage Mr.Stern's balls while she sucked. 

Peter had got used to the taste of cum and swallowed when she could since she preferred that to being sprayed.  It took so much effort washing and redoing make-up.  Peter just hoped Mr.Stern wouldn't put a finger up her bottom like he'd done yesterday.


  1. Hi dear S,

    Just came home, first week ended, three to go
    This is a very nice attention for your followers, darling, thank you so much!

    PS: Would love to do the same to my horny stallion...with or without finger play) *wink*

  2. Just a perfect, kinky, add-on.
    Thank you.

  3. Skinne, don't be lazy!
    We all wait for chapter 3!