Friday, 21 September 2012

Smooth, Slick and Shiny : A blog for Sissies and Latex lovers

Dear All,

If you like this Blog, make sure you also check out and follow  .  It's written by a very dear and sweet friend of mine whom I know as both Andy and Amanda.  Although Peter from "In my younger and more vulnerable days" is being trained to become a sissy in Stina Edman's lovely fantasy world, Andy/Amanda is the real thing.
Andy is a pretty bi-sissy.  He loves all things feminine.  He still loves pretty ladies, especially those with a preference for high heels and latex. But he also loves to look feminine and is frequently transformed, especially at weekends into the beautiful Amanda.  He/She used to live with a  somewhat older couple who regarded Andy/Amanda as their nephew/niece.  At weekends, Amanda often acted as their maid.
The sweet and very lovely Amanda
Andy and Amanda  enjoyed girlie things with her Mistress. Her Mistress, another latex lover, liked getting Andy dressed and made-up.  Amanda was comfortable in their company and able to relax at home.  Amanda loves having glossy lips and shiny painted nails.  Although well out of sight, Andy normally has painted toe nails and sometimes even latex panties. 

Besides his Mistress, Andy holds other attractive mature ladies Carol Vordermann and more recently Nancy Del'Ollio (especially after her recent forays in Atsuko Kudo latex) in extremely high regard.  However, I think his highest aspiration is Keira Knightley with (a short haired) Emma Watson a close second.  In each case it's really a dual aspiration: as Amanda to look like Keira or Emma, and  as either Andy or Amanda to be their lover.   This is certainly true with his  great love: a mature lady (in the nicest possible way) who loves high heels, shiny nail polish and has been introduced by Andy to latex.  The two together make a delightful couple.
Andy also produces his own fantastic art, normally featuring himself.
Here he's in his maid's uniform being pleasured by his Mistress.
Please read , especially if you are a lover of sissies, latex, and all things smooth, slick, shiny and feminine for more insights into Andy/Amanda's life and loves.   She really is one of the kindest and nicest people you could meet and what every sissy should hope to be.

I also post little treats for Amanda on a separate Blog:  .  Please explore if you like the same kind of kink treats as my Stable Girl.



  1. Oh you are a total sweetheart S and to anyone reading this blog, S (my beautiful stallion) is in return one of the sweetest kindest people i have ever met on this internet thing. He has on ore than one occasion straightened me out and helped me achieve a much fuller life and it is not only i who is grateful for that, but my beloved Gigi and P as well.
    So as you look about this blog remember you are in the presence of a very lovely person .
    Kiss kiss my stallion.

  2. This is one of the nicest blogs I have ever bin on

    1. Thank you kindly, Eric. And I'm sure Andy would say the same.