Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Chapter 4 published (at last)

Apologies that this has taken so long but at long last I'm pleased to announce that a fully revised Chapter 4 has just been published.
Please let me know what you think of this totally revised version.   Please leave comments under the main version since this link will be deleted in the near future.


  1. That was a great chapter! I can't wait for more! Hope you can make the next chapter soon! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Melissa and thanks for the comments. I will try to do Chapter 5 faster. Please can you also leave other comments under the main Chapter sections rather than these links since I often remove these link pages. It's important that Xan Tippa sees how much people enjoy her woek.

  2. RIght, I'll do that! By the way, I'm looking for other works by Xan Tippa all over the internet, but I can't find nothing! It's so sad... To me, he (or she) is the best feminization/sissyfication author ever! If you have something, can you send me by email? I promise that I won't publish this nowhere. It's just to me! If you can, my email is: melissan822@gmail.com. Thank you very much!