Monday, 3 September 2012


And so "In my younger and more vulnerable days" ends  with Pattie trapped as a sissy maid under the thrall of her Mistress while her lover was incarcerated in prison.

For those who know the original, I hope you'll find that I've been reasonably faithful to it.  However, my adaptation has changed certain aspects.  The following are probably the most significant deviations:
  • I made Peter much more accepting of his feminisation and transition to Patty.  This was in order to make his growing respect and ultimately love for  Mr.Stern a more natural progression.  It also meant that Peter had to grow to love sucking cock and being fucked in the arse.  Features of this were:
    • feeling curiously empty after his first fucking (Chapter 4)
    • starting to leak pre-cum when being fucked (Chapter 7)
    • cumming with a vibrating butt plug in his arse (Chapter 8)
    • not being allowed to touch his willy but finding he could gain satisfaction just from anal stimulation
    • leaking sissy cream when first fucked by the band(chapter 9)
    • feeling empty when he hadn't been fucked for a while
    • feeling a sense of pride that she had been fucked in the office by the boss (Chapter 10)
  • Letting Peter know that Mr.Stern was also regularly sodomising his mother (Chapter 4)
  • Having Peter realise that Mr.Stern was both fucking and sodomising his girlfriend, Fanciellah (Chapter 4 and 6) 
  • Having the band humiliate Peter more on their first meeting (Chapter 9)
    • pissing on him and in his hat
    • making sure Mr.Stern would be aware that his step-daughter had been fucked by them
  • Making the office girls aware of Pattie being fucked by Mr.Stern (Chapter 10
    • letting the office girls and her mother watch
    • having Pattie happy to be questioned by them 
  • Including another couple (Amanda and her Stallion) at the farm where Fanciellah is being trained as a ponygirl (Chapter 12) 
    • having Pattie realise both that Amanda is a sissy and that she fancies her
    • having a little pony race between Fancy and the Stallion
    • making Pattie observe the happiness that willing sissies can enjoy together as Amanda mounts her Stallion when they are leaving.   This prepares Pattie for the satisfaction she'll finally receive when Mr.Stern fucks her without her cock cage.
  • Making Kristina crueler (Chapter 15) both on Pattie and Mr.Stern
    • having Pattie chemically castrated
    • fisting, gangbanging and milking Pattie with her girlfriends then showing the humiliated maid to Mr.Stern 
    • framing Mr.Stern for insider trading 
    • arranging to have Mr.Stern sissified in prison
    • making it clear that Kaiser knew Mr.Stern in prison and was involved in his sissification
In the original, Pattie has been fattened by Kristina and Mr.Stern no longer fancies her and just ignores her.  This effectively makes Mr.Stern return to his cruel ways despite earlier showing that he could love Pattie.  Whilst the author regularly wrote about sissies suffering and the retribution or control that powerful men or women could exert on them, I didn't think it was satisfactory  stopping the story at that point.  It was also clear in our correspondence that the artist didn't really want the story to end as it did.  Like many readers, I think she found the present ending unsatisfactory since it left Pattie in a form of purgatory.

The author had asked me about the ending of "In my younger and more vulnerable days".   I also thought it was terrible that she was close to Mr.Stern but he had now rejected her.   She was interested in a sequel.  She and I discussed a possible sequel and various plot scenarios.  These included:
  • Mr.Stern is sent to prison for insider trading
    • Pattie is freed ....
  • Pattie is rescued by her mother
  • Pattie is rescued by the band  
  • Pattie is rescued by Mr.Kedis
 Sub-plots might have included:
  • Following her release, Pattie and her mother then rescue Fanciellah
    • Pattie stays caged with the key held by Fanciellah or her mother
    • Pattie and Fanciellah live together with Fanciellah freeing Pattie when she wants to be fucked
  • The band keep Pattie as their secretary
  • Pattie's mother takes over the running of the Bank
  • Pattie finds a way of communicating with either her mother, the band, or Mr.Kedis and finds a means of escape.  (A sub-sub-plot might have involved a further internment by Mr.Kedis before release by the band.)
  Sadly all these are mere speculation unless our favourite artist returns.



  1. Thank you so much for making this for us!

    The artwork is just so "exciting"!

    Everytime I looked at it, I had to go and have a lie down ;-)

    I just miss Stina, my SecondLife mother so much! I hope she is well and happy!


  2. I love the changes you have made to Stina's original work. They enhance and add to my enjoyment of her pix and her captions. You are so kind to take the time to provide little sissies like me with this wonderful and fanciful look into the life of one of our own kind. So wish Stina was still offering her creatively thrilling work to the public.

    Your submissive, femme, little sissygurl,
    ms. karli kunt

    1. Dear Karli,

      Thank you so much honey. I'm glad you liked the embellishments. I hope you have a nice time.

      Kisses and a little suck,