Saturday, 22 September 2012

Article in Mondi Virtuali

Peter shows his cock cage to Fanciellah for the first time
Attached is a link to Mondi Virtuali that has recently published an article about "In my younger and more vulnerable days".

I am indebted to Luciana Pinazzo for both the article and her tenacity at seeing this through.  Many thanks, Lucy, you're a star.


  1. Thank you so much for providing us with access to some of the work of Stina Edman.....I am a huge fan of her work.....I just loved The "Butler and Maid Wanted" series.....Do you know where I can find that one.....BTW, I make lots and lots of comments on her former site. Her work is MARVELOUS.

    Your submissive, slutty, little sissygurl,
    ms. karli kunt

    1. Dear Karli,

      Thank you for your kind comment. Stina took down all her old galleries last year although she did seem to make a brief reappearance on ImageFap quite recently under the moniker Kajsa Kavat (need to read Astrid Lindgren) with 3 new stories. I am indebted to Colleen.Eris for that information and for copies of two of the stories. (Does anyone else out there have all three?)

      I am still hoping to put together another Blog as the Stina Edman archive. I just hope it gets more followers than IMYAMVD has achieved. "Butler and Maid Wanted" was one of Stina's finest works. Such a pity it was never completed. I know many people who loved it. I will naturally put it in the Stina archive.