Wednesday, 21 August 2013

IMYAMVD - Chapter 12


  1. Oh S,

    You are such a dear to have shared this delight and inspiration. Pattie is, after all, an idol to those of us who are often anything but masculine. Thank you so!

    Especially fondly, Michelle

    1. Dear sweet Michelle,
      Thank you so much. I hope it was worth the wait.
      You may be pleased and interested to know that I got a DM from Sarina Valentina saying how much she liked the Chapter.
      S xx

  2. Dear S,

    I am pleased indeed that you got that well deserved compliment for this wonderful Chapter.

    Worth the wait? OMG! There is virtually nothing that can improve on the delight that comes with what you have done with (to?) our hero(ine). Also, I really adore her outfit in this Chapter. Mmmm.

    So fondly, Michelle

  3. Good work. Not like the original chapter 12 from Stina, but very nice for an original formatting. Thank you. Lita