Saturday, 31 August 2013

Chapter 5: Kogal or Gyaru?

In Chapter 5 of "In my younger and more vulnerable days" ( ), I refer to Peter experimenting with the Kogal look followed by some Harajuku girls in Japan.  Peter would certainly have liked the anti-authority nature of the Kogal look.
Peter's attempt at a Kogal look
But I now wonder whether Gyaru might have been a better general style.  I'm sure Mr.Stern would have liked the sweet and innocent Gyaru look whereas the Kogal  schoolgirl was perhaps too knowing.  Mr.Stern would also not have approved of the rebellious nature of the Kogal look.  Gyaru would seem softer and more compliant - much more fitting with Peter's sisification.   

As time went by and confidence increased, Peter might have wanted to experiment with a more extreme form of Gyaru, although Peter would have found this too sluttish at this stage in his development.  Undoubtedly Mr.Stern would approve of this.
Gyaru girl from

At least reading magazines covering Japanese fashions, Peter would have seen that many boys also follow the Gyaru look and are termed Gyaruo as male adherentsAlthough intended to be a bit grungy, many of them already have a somewhat sissy look.   It's a shame that Xan Tippa isn't around to do a sissy story based around the Gyaru look and sissies gathering together to chat with their 'girlfrends' about make-up, clothes, TV shows, music and who they're currently going out with.

Gyaruo sissies with a couple of Gyaru girls
I'm sure Peter would find it comforting knowing that there were other boys like him.  Seeing them with girls dressed in a similar way would also be reassuring.  He'd just be unsure how many were taking cock regularly.  He wouldn't feel so alone if he could do meet ups with guys in the same predicament.  He would be able to discuss with them how they'd adapted to wearing a cock cage and how often they were allowed to wank.


  1. Hi stallion dear,
    I'm sure Peter would look good in every short and ultra-feminine outfits chosen for him. And I guess the sweet darling would have like to be able to share his experience with other boys.
    Here some links to pics of how I imagine Peter :
    or even

    and wearing something like this (but much shorter to show his cute cage)

    1. My dear sweet filly Amber,
      Thank you so much for your comments. What lovely inspiration you provide. Maybe Dakota Rose is a bit too young but the styling is great and it would be a perfect look for Peter to emulate.