Saturday, 31 August 2013

IMYAMVD - Chaper 4 treat

Fanciellah was unaware that during the party Mr.Stern had followed Peter into the kitchen as he went to fetch more food for the guests.  Peter had been reluctant but Mr.Stern made his sissy apprentice kneel down and suck him off.  As Mr.Stern hardened and got more excited, Peter could taste salty drops on the cock head.   As more pre-cum started to flow, Peter made sure he had his lips clamped round his Master's cock.  Since he'd still have to serve at the party, he didn't want to get cum on his face and ruining his make-up.   It would be so embarrassing being seen by the guests with spunk on his face.  They'd know he'd been sucking cock.  They might even think that he liked it.
Peter kept his tongue beneath the firm dick.   Mr.Stern saw it as an opportunity to push his cock right to the back of Peter's mouth.  Peter struggled with his gag reflex as the prick struck against the back of his throat.  Mr.Stern wanted to withdraw but Peter kept the cock in his mouth.  Peter put his hands on Mr.Stern's buttocks and held him tight.  Mr.Stern interpreted Peter's action as eagerness and held the back of Peter's head.   From simply trying to get Mr.Stern to ejaculate in his mouth, Peter now found that he was helpless and being steadily and forcibly face fucked.  Peter tried not gag but hos nose started to run.   As Mr.Stern shook and orgasmed, hot sperm jetted against the back of his throat.   It burned slightly but Peter swallowed the warm liquor.  He licked and sucked hard on Mr.Stern's slimy cock head as he finally withdrew.

Mr.Stern handed Peter a tissue.  Peter wiped Mr.Stern's cock, gave it a final little kiss then tucked it into his master's trousers and zipped up.   Peter looked up.  "Thank you, Sir," he said.  Mr.Stern turned and walked out of the kitchen back into the party.  Peter slumped back on his knees and wiped his mouth.   He'd better get back to serving the canapés.  

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  1. Oh dear stallion, this is such a hot little story and this gif is a perfect illustration for it. I can really imagine the maid been a forced-feminized Peter applying his hard-learned lessons on his Master's cock. Thanks for sharing - Amber