Monday, 17 January 2022

Looks for Peter from Fall 2022 Menswear collection

 These are looks from the recent JW Anderson menswear collection at their show in Milan for Fall 2022.  Peter would look perfect in some of these outfits, comforted by knowing they come from a Menswear collection.

Friday, 24 September 2021

Chapter 9's look for Peter and Tod's Spring 2022 collection

 The latest Tod's collection ( ) had some striking similarity with Peter's look in Chapter 9 ( ).

This is Peter:

This is a model for Tod's on the catwalk:

Peter showing his nice cage:

And another TOD model although less of a lookalike:

 Where Peter leads, fashion follows.

Although maybe the models didn't end the show with spunk in their mouth, cum on their face, and piss in their hat.  Or maybe they did?


Monday, 15 February 2021

IMYAMVD - Chapitre 15 en français "Dans mes années plus jeunes et plus vulnérables" -

 As promised, a wonderful new translation by Dahlia Bleue of Chapter 15.  Other chapters will, I hope follow. 
J'espère que vous vous amusez à lire.  Commentaires, s'il vous plaît.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

ANNONCE "Dans mes années plus jeunes et plus vulnérables" - IMYAMVD Chapitre 15 en français

 I am delighted to announce that Dahlia Bleue has very kindly begun to translate chapters of "In My Younger and More Vulnerable Days" into French.   In French, it is titled "Dans mes années plus jeunes et plus vulnérables" which fits with the opening  of 'The Great Gatsby' in its French translation.

I will now place the French translation alongside the English original.   I think Dahlia has done a marvellous job.  To an English reader, the  French version feels far more sexy.    I hope you will enjoy this new translation.



Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Chapter 16 just published

Apologies for such a long wait.   After another long delay since the publication of Chapter 15, Chapter 16 has just been published.   It's available on this site at :

In this Chapter we learn what's happened to Peter's former girlfriend, Fanciellah and Peter gets a new dress and meets Amanda and her Stallion.

 If you have any comments, please leave them with  the Chapter 16 post since this is a temporary post and will be deleted.


Wednesday, 20 May 2020

IMYAMVD - The Return

I had wanted to ensure that there was some record of her excellent work by presenting here the full version of my adaptation of her "In my younger and more vulnerable days".  When I'd completed the publication of IMYAMVD, I  also started a separate blog with an archive of her work and some of my adaptations.  Earlier this year, I was contacted by the artist who advised my about her concerns about use of her former nom de plume.  In consequence, I cleaned out most of this site and deleted the Archive.  (Thank you to all those who wrote to me asking what had happened.)

As some of you may know, I published my edited version of "In my younger and more vulnerable days" following the disappearance of the artist a couple of years ago.  She had grown concerned that her nom de plume at that time, Stina Edman, might cause confusion with a 'real life' person of the same name.   Although she very briefly surfaced in mid-2012 with a new identity, that again proved unsatisfactory and she disappeared and again removed any material she published.

The artist then resurfaced with a new identity, Xan Tippa based on the name of Xanthippe, the rather shrewish wife of Socrates ( the 5th century BC philosopher, not the footballer in case of any further confusion or overlaps with real life).  Hence I began to republish IMYAMVD.  I took the opportunity to re-edit and correct some errors in last version.  This started around 2013 but progress has been very slow due to work commitments and other projects  (see

IMYAMVD is the longest of Xan Tippa's works of which I know.  The majority of her projects were quite short.   The longest other projects were 'Butler and Maid wanted', 'Ponzi: The Revenge of the Trophy Wife" and 'A portrait of the artist as a young ponygirl'.  I had the great fortune to work with her on some of these.   Most of the artist's works deal with themes of feminisation and sissification.  In many cases the transitions are imposed rather than entered into willingly, at least initially.  Some may find the cruelty in these transitions rather upsetting.  Whilst her sissies often are required to wear cock cages, there are some instances of castration.

In my adaptation of IMYAMVD, I have retained the essential story of the artist's original but I have somewhat softened certain aspects.  In particular I've tried to make Peter more willing and accepting of  his transition.  As many of you will be aware, the title of the artist's works were based on literary works or punning variations.  IMYAMVD is taken from "The Great Gatsby" and you should find some additional overlaps in my text.    I am hoping that at some stage, I will have the time to develop a further adaptation that has further resonances with Fitzgerald's work.

Sadly, like Stina Edman, Xan Tippa also disappeared from public view.  She remains much missed.

Hope you enjoy.  Please leave comments.